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World Immunization Week 2021

Vaccines brings us closer -

World Immunization Week (24 - 30 April 2021) is a celebration of the successes of vaccines and promotes vaccines access to people of all ages and diseases.

This year, the World Health Organization's theme is ‘vaccines bring us closer’.

Closer to eradicating VPDs, closer to achieving universal healthcare access, closer together. This message of being ‘closer’ is especially poignant in the socially distant world we live in. The Covid-19 vaccines are the most important solution we have to bringing and end to the pandemic so that we can become ‘closer’ again to our communities, friends and family.

Vaccines are the single most important health technology ever created. At least 2 million lives are saved each year from diseases like Polio and Measles. Diseases we now refer to as ‘Vaccine Preventable Diseases’ (VPDs) 🙌🏽

However, inequity of health resources and growing vaccine hesitancy means each year, many people don’t get the vaccines they are meant to get.

This World Immunization Week, you can do your part by -

🏥 Promoting HEALTH, especially vaccines, in your community

📚 EDUCATE others about vaccine myths

🗣 ADVOCATE for the equitable access to Covid-19 vaccines for all

Remember, we’re not safe until we’re all safe. Let’s work together to make Covid-19 a Vaccine Preventable Disease too! 🦠💉

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