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Why should I take the flu vaccine? 💉🤔

The flu jab is a quick win during the pandemic. Here's why -

1.The flu kills! 💀😵

Especially in vulnerable groups such as the elderly, pregnant and people with other illnesses.

The flu vaccine prevents people from getting and dying from the flu.

2. Doc, do I have Covid or just the flu? 😷

The symptoms are similar and it’s difficult to tell the difference. This leads to Covid testing and anxiety which could have been avoided by the flu vaccine.

The flu itself causes many hospitalizations which adds pressure onto the health system.

3. Can it protect me from Covid? 😯 🦠

Emerging studies shows promising results that people who received the flu vaccine may be protected from severe Covid complications such as hospitalizations and death.

Further research is needed to assess the link, but the data is promising!

The flu vaccine is safe and effective at preventing the flu and its complications. It’s cheap and widely available. While we are awaiting herd immunity, it’s a reasonable intervention to assist with controlling the #pandemic. It’s available now in 🇿🇦 for the 2021 flu season.

Speak to your doctor or pharmacist today about getting it today! 💉🌍🖤

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