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Vaccines 101

Back to vaccine basics! 🤓💉

First, some basic terminology. These words are used often when talking about Covid-19 and the vaccines.

Vaccines are mostly given by injection. Some are given orally or even via your nose.

Vaccines all work by exposing our bodies to material of a germ (pathogen) in order to trigger an immune response. Should we be exposed to the germ in the future, we will not become infected.

Different vaccines achieve this through different mechanisms.

The end result is that the immunity achieved from the vaccine is far greater than immunity achieved had you actually been sick from the germ.

Vaccines save lives!

It's difficult to calculate how many lives exactly, but it's estimated to over 4 million each year. This is not mentioning saving people from severe sickness or disability as well.

This World Immunization Week (24 - 30 April 2021) arm yourself with facts about vaccines. Combat myths and stop the spread misinformation. Vaccines are the most important solution to bring us closer together.

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