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Is the JnJ Vaccine safe?

YES it is! Here's why -

Clinical trials have shown that the JnJ vaccine is safe. It has been tested in people from different socio-demographics backgrounds.

It has been dosed safely over 6 million times around the world!

Rare side effects do not determine the safety of the vaccine. In a period where vaccine hesitancy is growing, it’s very important to understand science. It’s important to know that the media does not often report on all the the nuances.

We should be asking - what is the risk of NOT vaccinating? COVID19 itself carries a high risk of blood clots Much higher than in

the general population. Risks must be viewed in context.

Is it the right move to pause?

Perhaps, perhaps not. Time will tell.

But it will resume shortly and we cannot allow our gains for vaccine acceptance to be undermined by this.

All medications have side effects. The COVID-19 vaccines are judged by weighing their risk of side effects vs their benefit of saving lives.

Saving lives from COVID-19 comprehensively outweighs the risk of side effects.

Vaccines work. Vaccines are safe. Vaccines are the largest part of the solution to ending the pandemic.

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